How to train your dog to do basic commands

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Dogs are loyal and obedient companions that love to learn new things. They are one of the most intelligent animals that can be trained to do basic commands and even more complex tricks. It’s essential to train your new furry friend to master these basic commands, not only it builds your bond with them, but it also makes life more comfortable and enjoyable for you and your pup.

Basic commands like sit, stay, come, heel, and lay down are the foundation for all dog training. These commands can be ingrained in your dog’s mind with time, patience, and the right techniques. Here are some tips on how to train your dog to do basic commands.

The first step is to get your dog to respond to his name. It’s important to train your pup with his name as it helps in getting his attention during training sessions. Repeat the name and give treats or praise when he responds. Once your dog consistently responds, add a command like “come” or “here,” and give him a treat.

Next, it’s time to teach the “sit” command. Show your dog what the command means by holding a treat over your dog’s head, and then move it backward, so he tilts his head up naturally. While still holding the treat, bring it towards the dog’s tail so that his bottom hits the ground, and say the word “sit” when he sits. Repeat this several times until your dog can sit on command without being lured with treats.

The “stay” command is one of the most vital commands to teach your dog. Start by asking your dog to sit, then raise your hand flat in front of your dog, and say “stay.” Take a step backward, and reward immediately if your dog stays in that position. Gradually increase the distance and duration of the “stay” command while also rewarding him.

Now it’s time to teach your dog to “come.” Start by staying close to your dog and calling out his name. Once he comes to you, reward him with a treat or praise. Increase the distance and ask him to come until he responds to the command alone without any reward.

Another essential command is “heel.” It’s useful when you’re out walking with your dog. To teach the command, start with your dog on your left side and hold a treat in your hand against your leg. Give the “heel” command and start walking, keeping your left leg in line with your dog’s shoulder. When your dog walks along with you, reward him with a treat or praise.

Lastly, the “down” command is an excellent command to teach your dog to calm down and relax. Start by asking your dog to sit, then lure him down with a treat. Once he is in the down position, give him a treat or praise and say the word “down.” Repeat this for a few times until your dog can do the command without the lure.

In conclusion, dog training requires consistency and patience. Repeating these basic commands with your dog regularly can help you create a stronger bond with him and ensure that he is well-behaved and obedient. With enough love, attention, and patient training, your dog can learn every command gradually. Remember, dog training never really ends; it’s a life-long process, and the results are worth the effort.

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